Smartmarinas – Marine Executive Solutions

Smart Marinas is part of Smartgroup based in Chalkida on the island of Evia, which designs and manufactures automated and non-automated water and power supply systems.

Smart Group

In 2014, the first automated model of the series was placed at various points of sight around Euboea isalnd. The experience of the early years, coupled with ongoing development in design, intelligence gathering by operators and users, recording them and incorporating innovative technologies led to the creation of the new Pillar model released in June 2017.

For the design and manufacture of its machines, Smart Marinas works with leading Greek high technology companies that in combination with its highly trained and experienced staff offer a truly great product in the Greek market, proving the dynamics of the Greek perspective.

Smart Marinas continues to develop its products and will soon release the new non-automated pillar series that will meet the needs of customers who need such model or their marinas.

In Summer 2018 Smart Marinas will launch a new revolutionary pillar system combining high tech and low cost solutions for the marinas.

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