Company Profile

Smart Marinas is part of Smartgroup based in Chalkida on the island of Evia, which designs and manufactures automated and non-automated water and power supply systems. In 2014, the first automated model of the series was placed at various points of sight around Euboea isalnd. The experience of the early years, coupled with ongoing development in design, intelligence gathering by operators and users, recording them and incorporating innovative technologies led to the creation of the new Pillar model released in June 2017.

For the design and manufacture of its machines, Smart Marinas works with leading Greek high technology companies that in combination with its highly trained and experienced staff offer a truly great product in the Greek market, proving the dynamics of the Greek perspective.

Smart Marinas continues to develop its products and will soon release the new non-automated pillar series that will meet the needs of customers who need such model or their marinas.

In Summer 2018 Smart Marinas will launch a new revolutionary pillar system combining high tech and low cost solutions for the marinas.


These are power supply devices – providing electricity and water for use in Marinas, Camping stops, or elsewhere the use of electricity or water is needed.


The device provides the user with a certain amount of power (kilowatt hours kwh) and volume of water (in cubic meters m3) via an RFID card based on the prepayment he has made to the operator.


The operation of pillars is automated and does not require staff intervention.


The device offers up to 4 power supplies and up to 4 water supplies.

Greek Product

The design and construction of the Pillar takes place entirely in Greece.

Technical specifications


  • Material made entirely of stainless steel AISI 430, modern design and manufacture by high technology machines.
  • Coloring with special electrostatic paint, RAL type, for maximum protection against corrosion & ultraviolet radiation.
  • The base of the house comes separate (for easy installation), made by reinforced stainless steel 3mm with dimensions 39X35X5cm.
  • Special space for the recycling of used cards.
  • Rated as IP65, IK10
  • Extremely low power LED lighting technology, which provides impressive night lighting. Each dispenser is equipped with a power light. The lighting switches off automatically during the day to save energy.
  • Rear side door for user access to relay in the event of a short circuit boat’s equipment.
  • Complete separation of the hydraulics from the electrical & electronic circuits for maximum safety and leakage of the device.
  • Column dimensions: Y134 cm, P40 cm, B40 cm. Weight: 40 kg.

Electrical Equipment

  • Up to four (4) CEE 16A, 32A or 64A single phase / three phase sockets with IP67 sealing rate.
  • Retractable relay to protect the corresponding sockets.
  • Power relay for consumption control.
  • Digital pulse power meters.
  • Retractable relay for protection of energy meters, electronic circuits and LED of the pole.

Hydraulic Equipment

  • Up to four (4) water taps of 1/2″of resistant materials to corrosion.
  • Bronze volumetric flow (pulse) meters with integrated counting.
  • Bronze electrode valves with reinforced low voltage (12 volt) coils.


  • Electronic control panel to control the operations and billing functions of prepaid card using contactless system.
  • Large 5 “TFT LCD screen with large fonts for user information in two languages (English + local).
  • Illuminated electricity and water selection keys for choice of supplies. When the power is busy, the corresponding key turns off to help the next customer spot next available one.
  • Illuminated key to credit the amount that has not been used. When the user wishes to switch off, the remaining amount that has not been consumed is refunded back to the card for next use.


  • Crediting the amount thatt has not been used.
  • Show real-time consumption for each user in (Kwh) and (m³) as well as the remaining amount in Euro (€) without the need to disable feeds.
  • It is possible to customize charges for each user as well as the ability to easily change the parameters for the cost of charging the water and power consumption units.
  • Logo of the Management Agency (for advertising) on the information screen.
  • The device operates with a RFID card made of durable, low-cost material.


  • CE
  • ISO 9001
  • DoC
  • EMC
  • IK10
  • IP65
  • Safety of Electrical Appliances according to EN60335-1 and EN60335-2-75
  • Fire Hazard testing according to EN60695-2-11:2014


Our company has already installed the Pillar in major ports all over Greece.


The activities that the company has developed to date, driven by the needs of the local and broader market, cover a wide range of applications and solutions, such as:

  • Automated power and water supply systems (Pillars) for serving ships in marinas.
  • PLC Automation & Communications, SCADA imaging and recording systems, touch screens, GSM Modems.
  • Industrial Robots Design, installation, programming of industrial robot applications with facilities throughout Greece & abroad.
  • Study-installation of special networks.
  • Building Automation – Building Security & Surveillance Systems.
  • Design and Construction of Automation panels.
  • Electrical work: (power-control cables, grilles, piping, instruments & control units). The company provides technical support services on a 16-hour basis with experienced technical staff.

Company provides technical support on 16 hour base with highly qualified technical stuff.

  • Telephone support where instructions can be provided by telephone.
  • Local Technical Support.


Contact us for more information

+30 22210 89107

35 Kouriton Street, 34133, Chalkida, Greece